ROV Inspection Services – Innisfail Water Tank, Queensland

North Marine was engaged to conduct an ROV inspection of the internal concrete condition and components of an elevated water tank reservoir in Innisfail, Queensland.

Client: GHD » GHD subcontracted North Marine on works for Cassowary Regional Council

Scope of Work – Drone ROV Inspection Service

North Marine was tasked to get reliable, 360-degree visual data (photographic and video) on the condition of the water tank and any defects, which had no internal lighting and where a manual (diving) inspection was deemed unsafe.

The 12.5-meter diameter, circular water reservoir is located at the top of a tower structure – with a small 500x500mm hatch as the only access point for inspections. The robot unit had to follow strict disinfection protocol, as the tank is used to supply town drinking water.

ROVs provide both time and cost-effective inspections, are easily disinfected before/after entry, and the footage data can be instantaneously uploaded.

Furthermore, they provide heightened safety measures by eliminating the need for underwater inspections by personnel in potentially high-risk environments.

North Marine Discriminators: Robot Drone ROV Inspection Services

  • Our state-of-the-art ROVs minimise cost, time and additional personnel requirements
  • Well established operating within high-risk environments
  • Suitably trained staff to execute works, with applicable insurance and certifications
  • Local SME business with local workforce and Queensland premises
  • Skilled project managers
  • Experienced in contracting to both private and Government sectors, with existing stakeholder relationships
  • ISO Accredited


North Marine successfully captured clear imagery in a cost-effective and efficient manner, achieving the best outcomes for all related parties.

All project requirements were delivered in full, on time & on budget.

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