Shipping Support Based In The Port Of Cairns

Shipping Support Based In The Port Of Cairns

North Marine supports the shipping industry in Queensland. We provide services to ship owners, operators, and agents.

We operate coastal shipping services and can mobilise anywhere within the EEZ.

Our warehouses are located in Cairns CBD, with a spacious waterfront yard, ‘North Wharf’, in Cairns Harbour.

Timely and professional shipping support


Ship Support Services

  • Launch Service To Ships Voyaging Queensland Waters:
    · Machinery · Equipment · Cargo · Freight · General Goods · Fuel · Food & Beverage Provisioning
  • Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs)
  • Coastal Shipping Services
  • Towage
  • Marine Storage Facilities
  • Local Marine Consultancy for Cairns, North Queensland & Torres Strait
  • Dive Support
  • Invasive Marine Species, Hull Risk-Assessment Survey
  • Vessel/Hull Inspection
  • Hardware Fabrication & Supply (Welding, Ropes etc.)
  • Marine Plant & Equipment Rental
  • Tug Charters inc. Tug Escort & Tug Assists

Shipping Support – Marine Contractor in Australia

North Marine is a private company providing contractor services from the Port of Cairns in North Queensland.

Our launch and crew transfer vessels mobilise to tankers, container ships, bulk carriers, cargo ships, cruise liners, fishing fleet vessels and superyachts.

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Information and Services

CTV & Launch Vessel Rates

North Marine offers competitive hourly, daily and long-term charter rates from the Port of Cairns.

For a current pricing schedule, please contact North Marine

Request Vessel Rates

Our launch service rates include time loading and unloading, transferring crew, machinery or provisions, or time at the worksite / on charter – as applicable.

Quotes and availability are available upon enquiry.

Use of hi-ab crane-truck or dogman and franna crane may incur additional charges.

Support vessel rates are available by contacting [email protected].


Launch Service From Cairns Port, Queensland

Launch Service Capabilities

North Marine’s launch vessels deliver to all ships and watercraft.

This includes, but is not limited to, tankers, container ships, bulk carriers, cargo ships, cruise liners and fishing fleet vessels.

Ship Launch Boat – Gulf Explorer

Our launch vessel, Gulf Explorer, has ample deck space to accommodate cargo requirements.

Equipped with a 30meter³ hold for cargo, freight and stores, with optional on-deck walk-in fridge/freezer unit for refrigerated provision transfers.

Ship Launch Boat – Viking

The crew transfer vessel, Viking, can accommodate moderate cargo quantities. She is primarily deployed as a crew transfer vessel from Cairns Port.

Launch Service Area – Queensland Waters

North Marine’s launch service covers vessels traversing Queensland waters anywhere inside the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Primary operating areas are The Port of Cairns and The Port of Mackay.

Upon request, we can discuss options for ocean launch services from other North Queensland Ports, including the Torres Strait.

North Marine launch service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Tankers
  • Container Ships
  • Bulk Carrier Vessels
  • Cargo Ships
  • Cruise Liners
  • Fishing Fleet Vessels
  • Superyachts

Deliveries & Storage Facilities in Cairns

Our warehouse and large storage facility are located in the Cairns City business district.

North Marine can take and store engine parts, freight, and general cargo deliveries ready for transport to your ship.

Furthermore, North Marine vessels operate out of our waterfront premises in Cairns Port North Wharf.

This ample waterfront tenure has a large 2800m² of land.

Contact us to discuss availability and logistics.


Facilities Onboard Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV’s)

All crew transfer vessels (CTVs) have a fully air-conditioned interior for passenger comfort.

North Marine launch service boats have standard facilities. These include a full galley, tea and coffee, toilets and shower amenities.

Endorsed 'COVID-Safe Transport Provider' from the Port of Cairns

North Marine is an approved ‘COVID-Safe’ crew transfer vessel company with a base in the Port of Cairns, Queensland.

Stringent biosecurity monitoring, processes and procedures are followed to transfer both ship personnel and any medical staff.

COVID-safe protocols for the transit voyage are dictated by Queensland Health and reviewed by the Regional Harbour Master.

Request our COVID-safe passenger transfer SWI for details on transferring quarantined persons from a ship via a North Marine CTV.

Contact us to schedule your crew transfer vessel in the Port of Cairns


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