Marine Support Services

North Marine is your Queensland Marine Services Contractor.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require unique or complex marine support and can’t see the marine service you’re after.

Marine Services


Marine Services - Reliable Marine Support in Australia

Commercial Diving Services

Commercial Diving Contractor Services

North Marine delivers commercial diving services throughout Queensland and the Torres Strait.

Our extensive diving services cover harbour diving work, ocean diving work, inland waterway, dam and reservoir diving work.

  • Marine Infrastructure: Installation, Inspection & Repair
  • Mooring Installation, Inspection & Compliance
  • Marine Construction & Demolition
  • Wharf Maintenance, Repair & Inspection
  • Pile Wrapping
  • Welding
  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • ROV Inspections (Underwater Video Drone)
  • Navigational Aid Installation & Inspection
  • Marine Salvage Diving
  • Invasive Marine Species, Hull Risk-Assessment Survey
  • Water Tank Inspections
  • Load Testing
  • Environmental/Scientific Research Diving
  • Vessel/Hull Inspection
  • Propeller Inspection & Change-Out
  • Anode Installation, Monitoring & Change-Out
  • Photography & Videography
  • Rope & Vessel Line Fabrication
  • Cleaning*

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* Some in-water cleaning activities may not be conducted without an application and approval from the relevant authorities. Please allow sufficient time for the application process. Contact us for more information.

Marine Tugboat Services

Marine Towage Capabilities
  • Harbour Towage
  • Long-Range & Ocean Towage
  • Tug & Barge Mobilisation
  • Vessel Tow & Marine Relocations
  • Tug Assist Operations
  • Tug Escort Operations
  • Pontoon Towage, Installation & Relocation Services
  • Helipad Towage & Relocation Services
  • Tugboat Charter Vessel Hire from Cairns, Queensland

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Launch Service / Crew Transfer Vessel Capabilities

Shipping Support – Marine Services

Port of Cairns – Mackay – Torres Strait – Hay Point – Proserpine – Airlie Beach – Cardwell – Horn Island

Launch Service

North Marine’s launch service delivers to all vessel types. Vessels include, but are not limited to, tankers, container ships, bulk vessels, cargo ships, cruise liners and fishing fleet vessels transiting in Queensland waters.

  • Launch Service to/from Ships, Barges, Shore etc
  • Food Provisioning
  • Refuelling
  • Equipment, Machinery & Engine Parts
  • General Freight / Cargo
Crew Transfer Vessel Service
  • Transfer of Crew to & from Ships, Barges, Shore etc
  • Marine Pilot Transfer / Pilot Launch
  • Marine Technician / Specialist Personnel Transfer
  • COVID-19 Testing Onboard a Vessel
    (North Marine acts as transport provider only for a Doctor / Health Professional and accepts no responsibility for testing. Visit the page for more information)
  • Transfer of Sick Seafarers (with authority). Approved Covid-Safe Transport Provider

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Marine Offshore Supply Services

Remote & Offshore Supply Services

Marine re-supply service is available to vessels and remote locations inside the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Primary operating areas are Queensland’s East Coast, the Torres Straits and the Gulf of Carpentaria.

  • Food & Beverage Supply inc. Frozen Goods
  • Fuel
  • Equipment, Machinery & Engine Parts
  • Freight & Cargo
  • Personnel / Crew Transport
  • Offshore Support: Service Technicians / Specialists
  • Offshore Support: Commercial Diving
  • Offshore Liveaboard Accommodation for Workers and Crew
  • Logistical Solutions for Remote Areas

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Vessel Mooring & Anchoring Services

Mooring Installation. Maintenance & Compliance Services

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Superyacht Support Services

Superyacht Support – Marine Services

Our superyacht support services operate out of the Port of Cairns in Queensland.

North Marine can mobilise anywhere within the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Primary operating areas include Queensland’s East Coast, the Great Barrier Reef, the Torres Strait and the Gulf of Carpentaria.

  • Underwater Superyacht Hull Inspections
    – Options to include risk assessment or invasive marine species environmental assessment
  • Re-supply & Provisioning
    – Including food & beverage, general goods, fuel, machinery & engine parts
  • Superyacht Hull Cleaning*
    – Options including hull, propellers, thrusters, rudders, anode replacements, water inlets etc
  • Dive Support
  • Great Barrier Reef Experts & Guides
    – Vessel Masters / Anchorage & Mooring Location Specialists / Itinerary Planning / Marine Biologists / Scuba Diving & Snorkel Guides

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* Some in-water cleaning activities may not be conducted without an application and approval from the relevant authorities. Please allow sufficient time for the application process. Contact us for more information.

Vessel Charters, Workboat Hire & Marine Equipment Rental

Charter Workboats For Hire
  • Offshore support vessels
  • Tugboat charters
  • Dive boat charters
  • Tug & barge combinations
  • Range of barges for charter
  • Liveaboard accommodation/workers lodgings
  • Variety of workboats
Marine Equipment For Hire
  • Hiab truck & crane
  • Floating work support pontoon
  • Lift bags
  • Onboard walk-in fridge & freezer
  • Transportable workers cabin (donger)

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Experts In Marine Support – Providing Marine Services in Queensland for over 30 years.

North Marine is an industry-leading marine services company in Queensland, Australia. All enquiries are managed punctually, and we guarantee excellent communication throughout your project.

Our fleet operates inside the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone EEZ. The Head office is in Cairns City and charter vessels are based out of our waterfront marine facility ‘North Wharf’ in the Port of Cairns. A second office is located in Mackay, Queensland.

As an ISO accredited company, we work to the highest operational standards and have full insurance for all marine services provided.

Furthermore, we can help with administrative approvals, planning and logistics. 

At North Marine, all management have hands-on experience and understand the unique challenges you face.

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