Boat Mooring Installation & Maintenance in Queensland

Boat Mooring Installation & Maintenance in Queensland

Install a secure and reliable mooring for your vessel or watercraft, with North Marine.

North Marine specialises in installing boat moorings for a range of applications, including swing moorings, cyclone-rated moorings, screw moorings, environmentally friendly boat moorings, pontoon moorings and more.

Our specialists are ready to assist you with mooring permit applications, design, supply, mooring installation, and ongoing mooring maintenance.

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Install a boat mooring in Queensland Australia - North Marine commercial diving company in Australia

Mooring Services

  • Anchor & Mooring Installation
  • Permit Application Advice
  • Mooring Inspection
  • Mooring Maintenance Plans
  • Mooring Re-Location
  • Cyclone-Rated Moorings
  • Mooring Compliance Certificates

A Meaningful Investment

Selecting the correct mooring for its intended use is critical for the safety of your asset. That’s why, at North Marine, we want to ensure your vessel is safe and secure.

We pride ourselves on quality assurance through our ISO systems, and a Naval Architect approves all mooring designs.

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Industry Leaders in Queensland Mooring Systems

North Marine has installed boat moorings in Queensland for over 30 years.

Furthermore, we have maintained the public Great Barrier Reef moorings for the State Government Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) for over ten years.

Our understanding of Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef moorings is unparalleled. We also manage mooring installation and compliance for some of the largest shipping companies throughout Queensland and the Torres Straits.

Competitive Pricing

How much does a mooring installation cost?

The cost of a mooring install is dependent on the size of your vessel, the mooring purpose and the design required. We are able to give a quote once the necessary details are provided.

North Marine operate throughout Queensland, servicing clients along the entire East Coast, at least twice annually. Because of this, we offer excellent value when we are able to combine work for multiple clients on the same voyage. This gives us a highly competitive edge.

Boat Mooring Costs May Include:

  • Permit Application Fees (paid directly to the Governing Authority)
  • Mooring Installation – Including time and physical components
  • Naval Architect Drawings for your mooring (these may be included in the overall quote for your mooring unless stated otherwise – contact your installer for clarification)
  • Ongoing Permit Renewal Fees (paid annually, directly to the Governing Authority)
  • Ongoing Mooring Inspection and Maintenace – Mandatory to ensure a mooring remains compliant and safe for use

Mooring Hardware & Mooring Rope Fabrication

Stock components for mooring installations and maintenance

North Marine stock mooring hardware components individually, as well as installing complete boat moorings.

  • Mooring Blocks
  • Mooring Anchors
  • Mooring Rope
  • Mooring Chain
  • Shackles
  • Swivels
  • Eyes
  • Rings
  • Thimbles
  • Floats

Vessel Rope Fabrication

Our team of staff can fabricate vessel rope for any application, with lines to meet all vessel specifications.

North Marine has been conducting rope fabrication, installation and load testing for over 30 years. Our understanding of the components and specifications are second to none.

We specialise in both the supply and/or fabrication of boat mooring lines.

Our rope fabrications are periodically, independently inspected by a Marine Surveyor for quality assurance.

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Mooring Compliance

Mooring Certificates of Compliance

When you book a mooring compliance inspection, our expert team of commercial divers will inspect your mooring and ensure that it is fit for its purpose.

We issue mooring compliance certificates upon satisfactory inspection.

We are equipped to perform any on-the-spot maintenance as necessary – from minor repairs to significant change-outs. We strive to ensure no unnecessary delays in ensuring your mooring is compliant for use.

When major works need to be carried out to ensure that your mooring is compliant, we will discuss options with you.

Mooring Compliance Services

  • MSQ Mooring Compliance
  • GBRMPA Mooring Compliance
  • QPWS Mooring Certificates of Compliance
  • Certificate of Compliance for your Insurer

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Queensland Boat Mooring Installation Specialists

Install a secure and reliable mooring for your vessel or watercraft, with North Marine.

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Disclaimer: The information on this page is applicable to Queensland boat moorings only and may change. Please contact North Marine directly for up-to-date information, prior to acting on the information given.