Is Your Vessel Cyclone Ready?

Is Your Vessel Cyclone Ready?

In the event of severe weather – are you confident your vessel will be safe?

This summer the threat of tropical cyclones is high, and it’s advised boat owners be well prepared.

When the Port of Cairns is under an evacuation order, or ‘Red Alert’, boat owners and agents may contact us to arrange a tow of their vessel. We can help move your vessel to your designated location of shelter within Cairns Port.

Furthermore, in preparation for severe weather, we install cyclone moorings and inspect the condition of existing boat moorings throughout Queensland.

We recommend all Queensland boat operators familiarise themselves with MSQ’s current ‘Extreme Weather’ plan for your local area:

» View MSQ, Port-specific extreme weather contingency plans, here

Marine Support: Preparing For A Cyclone / Extreme Weather

Cyclone evacuation of Cairns Port and Cairns Marlin Marina during severe weather
Evacuated Cairns Marlin Marina. Photograph courtesy of Ports North

Evacuation Assistance – Port of Cairns
  • Vessel Relocation & Towage in Cairns Port
  • Secure Watercraft To Designated Sheleted Mooring /
  • Re-Berth Vessels In Cairns Marina Once
    Regional Harbour Master Grants Permission
  • Dry Storage Facilities For Small Watercraft
  • Cyclone Moorings in Cairns Harbour
Mooring Preparations
  • Install A Vessel Cyclone Mooring In Queensland
  • Inspect The Condition Of Existing Boat Moorings
  • Boat Rope & Mooring Hardware Supplies
  • Cyclone Moorings For Rent, Suitable For Large
    Commercial Vessels In the Port of Cairns

Be Cyclone Prepared for Queensland Weather

Having a cyclone-ready plan in place is critical for the safety of your asset. Below, we list six ways to prepare a boat for tropical cyclones.

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6 Ways To Prepare For Tropical Cyclones

Have a PLAN  –  Get PREPARED  –  OBEY Directions

  1. Read the Extreme Weather Contingency Plan for your area.
  2. Check boat moorings are well maintained with an up-to-date inspection – click here to learn more
  3. Know the location where you will shelter your vessel in cyclonic weather, and check that it’s fit-for-purpose
  4. Revise your ‘extreme weather emergency plan’ – including essential contacts and procedures
  5. Know who will move your vessel in the event of a mandatory evacuation and ready equipment such as spare rope – click here to learn more
  6. Charge boat batteries, remove loose items, secure hatches and ensure watertight integrity.

North Marine can assist with steps 2, 3 and 5.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance or if you have any questions about how we may help.

Severe Weather Preparation

Links to useful websites and resources

Being prepared is essential to ensuring the safety of your vessel/s.

You can find Maritime Safety Queensland’s (MSQ) Extreme Weather Event Contingency Plans here.

Marine weather forecasts predict major weather events such as cyclones and severe weather such as high winds and surge.

Visit the Bureau of Meteorology website here for up-to-date forecasts on marine weather, tidal conditions, and wind and coastal warnings.

Prepare your vessel for severe weather in advance, know your Cyclone & Severe Weather Emergency Plan, and ensure that a well-maintained, cyclone-secure mooring is available and fit for purpose.


» Extreme Weather Event Contingency Plan, Port of Cairns – 2023/2024 (PDF, 410 KB)

Vessel Relocation & Towage In Cairns Port

Marina evacuation assistance in Cairns Port, Queensland

North Marine offers marina evacuation assistance to vessels in the Port of Cairns.

In the event of impending severe weather or a potential tropical cyclone, the Regional Harbour Master may take action to close the Port of Cairns.

Vessels are directed to enact their safety plans, evacuate the Cairns Marlin Marina (or other areas of the Port as directed) and take shelter in their designated area upstream.

If you direct us to do so, we can assist you by moving your vessel safely to your designated location.

Furthermore, North Marine can assist with securing your watercraft to its sheltered mooring or anchorage, as well as berth vessels back in the Cairns Marina once the Regional Harbour Master permits.

Please contact our office to discuss your vessel’s location, access, towage requirements and other important information.


Harbour Evacuation, Cairns

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Maintaining A Vessel Mooring

What is required to maintain a boat mooring?

Ensuring your boat mooring is well maintained is as important as having one installed.

When you become a Mooring Authority Permit holder, you agree to maintain your boat mooring for the life of your permit.

Most permits require that buoy moorings and apparatus be inspected every year.

You are responsible to ensure that your boat mooring and tackle remain in good condition, in the approved mooring location and are able to secure the vessel intended for use.

Additional mooring inspections should be considered:
  • If your naval architect drawing suggests more frequent intervals
  • After every significant weather event
  • Before an anticipated weather event, if an inspection has not been recently conducted
  • If an unauthorized vessel has been on your boat mooring
  • If you notice signs of wear

Signs of wear that indicate your mooring needs to be inspected include, but are not limited to:

  • Rusted Chain
  • Chaffed Rope
  • Worn Shackles
  • Sun-damaged Rope

Cyclone Mooring Configurations

Cyclone mooring installation & design

Our commercial dive division installs cyclone-rated boat moorings throughout Queensland and the Torres Strait.

North Marine work to deliver secure shelter in the event of severe weather and tropical cyclones.

All of our mooring installations are approved by a Naval Architect.

The design of your cyclone mooring will depend on numerous factors including the location/s of the installation and the vessel specifications.


Contact us to discuss your cyclone mooring specifications.


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