Offshore Supply Vessels in Queensland

Offshore Supply Vessels in Queensland

North Marine provides Australian-based offshore supply and offshore support to remote locations within the EEZ and wider Pacific nations.

Australia’s vast territory boasts some extremely remote regions and islands. North Marine’s offshore supply vessels are equipped to provide supply services and tailored offshore support.

Based out of Cairns, Queensland, we primarily operate inside the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

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Remote & Offshore Support Capabilities

Offshore supply services include, but are not limited to:

  • Food & Beverage Supply inc. Frozen Goods
  • Fuel Transfer
  • Equipment, Machinery & Engine Parts
  • Freight & Cargo
  • Personnel / Crew Transport
  • Offshore Support: Service Technicians / Specialists
  • Offshore Support: Commercial Diving
  • Offshore Liveaboard Accommodation for Workers & Crew
  • Scientific Research Base (optional onboard laboratory)
  • Hazardous Substance Transfer
  • Tug & Barge Support Vessels
  • Emergency Towage / Tug Assist
  • Base For Operations
  • Support Platform

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Our Clients

Offshore Supply Clients

Clients include private corporations, shipping agents and the Federal Government.

Bureau of Meteorology Re-Supply Voyage

North Marine holds a long-term contract to provide the re-supply service for the remote Bureau of Meteorology weather station, located at Willis Island in Queensland.

While located in Queensland, Willis Island is an offshore destination and is classed as an international voyage. All Border Force regulatory standards are adhered to.

The bi-annual voyage covers 900 round kilometres (485 nautical miles).

The remote re-supply service includes the transfer of fuel to power the weather station, hydrogen gas for the weather balloons, change-over of the personnel manning the station, and the provision of all goods and food for the following 6 months.

The offshore support vessel ‘Gulf Explorer’ is perfectly adapted to complete such a voyage. The Gulf Explorer has the long-range capability, ample storage capacity and a walk-in fridge and freezer. She also boasts enough deck space to transport the large quantities of equipment along with beach vehicles for transporting goods upon arrival, a fuel hold to supply the island and a landing barge for operations.

Offshore Supply and Provisioning

What can our offshore supply vessels deliver?

Offshore supply vessels need to be flexible to the needs of each client. We will do our best to accommodate the transport and delivery of necessary items.

Commonly transported supplies include:

  • Machinery
  • Engine Parts
  • Fuel
  • General Goods
  • Freight/Cargo
  • Food and Beverage Resupply
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Smaller support vessels
  • Barges
  • Work support platforms

Offshore Support Planning & Considerations

What challenges do offshore supply vessels face?

At North Marine, we pride ourselves on providing an efficient, reliable service, under even the most demanding conditions.

Weather – Weather conditions are a key factor to consider when planning any support vessel voyage.

Time – As offshore supply is a time-sensitive operation, our crew are adept at facilitating your job at the earliest, safe opportunity.

Passage Plan – Do you require assistance to plan an itinerary or voyage? North Marine can assist both with passage planning and transiting through Queensland.


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What does an Offshore Supply Vessel Do?

What is an offshore support vessel and what does it do?

What does an Offshore Supply Vessel Do?  Offshore supply vessels provide logistical services via the ocean. They are also called ‘offshore support vessels’ or ‘service operation vessels’.

These vessels are often configured to provide the nature of support that they deliver.

Servicing Australia with Tailored Offshore Support

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