Modular Pontoon Installation – QLD Water Police, Cairns

North Marine was engaged to install an additional 2 modular pontoons to the existing wharf system at MSQ Marine Operations Base in Cairns, for QLD Water Police.

Client: Queensland Police Service (QPS)

Scope of Work – Floating Modular Wharf Installation

Having installed the adjoining modular pontoons in 2022 for TAFE Queensland, North Marine used the same methodology for this project which also ran seamlessly.

The work was completed in one day.

North Marine personnel used stainless steel dyno-bolts to affix the anchors. Once the anchors were attached to the wharf, North Marine’s fleet truck and crane lowered the floating pontoons into position and secured them. Cleats and fenders were then fixed to the new structures.

Concrete drilling was used to attach the pole anchors to the main wharf.

The floating pontoons were supplied by Superior Jetties. The installation was carried out in accordance with the standard Superior Jetty installation procedures.

A QPS Officer In Charge was onsite to observe the operation at various times throughout the installation process. They expressed high satisfaction with the expertise of our staff.

North Marine Discriminators: Modular Pontoon Installation

  • Environmental & socially aware company, experienced at operating in the sensitive habitats of QLD waterways, tidal zones, and high-traffic areas – with extensive experience in such operations.
  • Adept at delivering logistically complex marine infrastructure projects
  • Extensive track record as a Government contractor
  • Excellent working relationships with Stakeholders
  • Local SME marine business in North Queensland, with a local workforce and Cairns waterfront premises
  • Experienced managing traffic control during work, with minimal interruption to other wharf users
  • Approved ‘Crocodile Management Plan’
  • Hold required work permits
  • Experienced Management and Key Personnel
  • ISO Accredited


North Marine successfully completed the contract with project requirements delivered in full, on time & on budget.

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North Marine – Trusted Marine Contractor in Queensland, Australia

North Marine is a prominent marine support company based in the Port of Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia.

North Marine has a long history of delivering maritime infrastructure projects to Government agencies and the private/commercial sector.

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