Jetty Refurbishment at Green Island, Great Barrier Reef – Marine Infrastructure Project Support

North Marine is contracted to provide logistical marine support to SRG Global during the Green Island Jetty Refurbishment project.

Client: SRG Global. 

SRG Global is a specialist construction, maintenance and mining services company. SRG was engaged to fulfil the Ports North tender for the extensive Green Island Jetty refurbishment and upgrade project. (See more about this project below).

Scope of Work

North Marine crew and vessels are engaged to transport plant and equipment to Green Island, on the Great Barrier Reef, approximately 27km from the Port of Cairns.

The provision of marine support includes a tug and barge transporting 11 modular wharf platforms, the towage of two punt barges from the worksite, transfer of tradespeople and maritime consultancy services.

SRG sought North Marine’s recommendations and consultancy advice due to the nature and location of the works.

North Marine has extensive regional knowledge, experience in Government marine contracting and operating within the Marine Park’s sensitive environmental controls.

Marine Support Contractor – North Marine

North Marine is a prominent marine contractor company based in the Port of Cairns in Queensland, Australia.

North Marine has a long history of delivering marine support to private commercial enterprises and Government agencies.

As part of its regular operations, North Marine provides marine services to commercial companies, including shipping, construction and tourism.

Furthermore, North Marine holds long-term, recurring contracts to maintain public mooring infrastructure throughout the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park with Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service (QPWS), conducts work for Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) on various tenders, and has a long-term supplier role for the Bureau of Meteorology’s (BOM’s) remote weather station in the Pacific.

» See ‘Case Studies’ for more examples.


  • Established at operating within the environmental controls for work both in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and in tidal zones
  • A fleet of suitable charter vessels to perform works
  • Expert regional knowledge
  • Marine consultancy services
  • Hold all necessary operational permits with GBRMPA
  • Waterfront marine facility in Port of Cairns
  • Environmentally & socially aware company
  • Experienced management & capable personnel


North Marine successfully delivered the marine support with all project objectives delivered in full, on time and within budget.


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About the marine infrastructure project – Green Island jetty refurbishment

SRG was engaged to complete an extensive refurbishment and upgrade to the Green Island Jetty, in 2020, by Ports North.

Ports North is a Queensland Government-owned corporation that manages the Port of Cairns, Thursday Island, Cooktown, Skardon River, Cape Flattery, Karumba, Mourilyan, Quintell Beach and Burketown. They are responsible for maintaining the Green Island jetty infrastructure on behalf of the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Substantial works to the jetty included:

  • The removal, reinstatement and reinforcement of approximately 310 meters squared of concrete
  • Maintenance and structural repair of 45 marine piles
  • Construction of a temporary jetty, complete with water runoff catch and noise barriers
  • Treatment or replacement of reinforcement bars & abutment

The wharf upgrade required a logistically complex, temporary wharf platform to be suspended underneath the existing jetty to facilitate this marine infrastructure project.


The Green Island jetty is located 27 kilometres from the Port of Cairns, in a highly environmentally sensitive area of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Significant environmental controls, planning and methodology were required to conduct the wharf infrastructure upgrades.

Furthermore, the jetty is an operational facility that is essential to the tourism economy and industry in North Queensland. It is used by passenger ferries and tourism vessels on a daily basis. The resort at Green Island was temporarily closed for the refurbishment project, adding to the already time-sensitive considerations.

Tidal restrictions were also prevalent during the project, with work underneath the existing wharf infrastructure limited to favourable tides.

TropWATER AssessmentsGreen Island marine infrastructure project

As part of the planning and methodology for the jetty refurbishment at Green Island, a ‘Marnie Plant Impact’ assessment was conducted, as well as a ‘Seagrass Baseline Assessment’ and ‘Seagrass Monitoring Plan’ implemented.

These assessments were conducted by the Centre for Tropical Water & Aquatic Ecosystem Research (TropWATER) at James Cook University (JCU).

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