Boat Ramp Repair, Installation & Inspections – Numerous Queensland Locations

North Marine’s Commercial Diving Department is regularly contracted to conduct boat ramp repair works and/or ramp dive inspections.

Scope of Work – Boat Ramp Repair, Installation & Inspections

Works have been conducted in Innisfail, Newell Beach, Yorkies Knob, Deeral and other Queensland-wide locations.

They include the installation or rectification of structural concrete, jetties, gangways and walls, installation of base plates / ramp segments / mesh sheets, marine grouting and visual or photo inspections.

North Marine has a comprehensive Crocodile Management Plan, conducts individual Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for each project, and follows AS/NZ2299 diving regulations.


Planning and methodology cover:

  • Operating within environmentally sensitive habitats of Queensland waterways
  • Risk management – Control measures for hazards such as crocodiles, stingers, marine flora and fauna, debris etc
  • Substantial tidal conditions
  • Visibility limitations
  • Operating restrictions set by Authorities
  • Traffic management – minimising interruption to boat ramp users, vessels and other marina users

North Marine Discriminators: Boat Ramp Repair Works

  • Comprehensive ‘Environmental Management Procedures’ when operating in rivers, harbours and high-traffic areas – with extensive experience in such operations
  • Adept at delivering logistically complex & remote projects
  • A fleet of suitable charter vessels to perform works
  • Excellent working relationships with Stakeholders
  • Local SME marine business in North Queensland, with a local workforce
  • Extensive track record as both a Government and a Private Sector contractor
  • Ethically and socially aware
  • Approved ‘Crocodile Management Plan’
  • Hold required work permits
  • Experienced Management and Key Personnel
  • ISO Accredited


North Marine has successfully completed all boat-ramp contracts with project objectives delivered in full and to each client’s satisfaction.

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North Marine – Trusted Marine Contractor in Queensland, Australia

North Marine is a prominent marine support company based in the Port of Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia.

North Marine has a long history of delivering maritime support services to Government agencies and the public sector.

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