Dumb Barge Charter

35m Dumb Barge Hire

  • Dumb Barge
  • Length 36.5m, Breadth 12m
  • AMSA Certificate of Operation in Partially Smooth Waters (D)
  • Optional Spud Capabilities

*Up to date details and availability for all charter vessels are provided upon enquiry.

North Marine’s vessel fleet has recently expanded and not all charter vessels are yet online. Please contact us if you can’t see the hire barge you require.

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Dumb Barge Charter from Cairns, Australia

North Marine has a fleet of workboats, tugs & barges for charter in Australia.

About the Vessel

The Wiggins Supplier is a 36.5-meter steel dumb barge available for charter in the Port of Cairns, with optional spud barge capabilities.

A rectangular, flat-top barge suitable for general project support, as a work platform, or transporting cargo and machinery.

Wiggins Supplier has an AMSA Certificate of Operation for partially smooth waters (D) and may carry up to ten persons.

Spud capabilities are optional – 660OD spuds, 24-meters long.

Barge Charter Specifications

Name Wiggins Supplier

Vessel Type Dumb Barge

Home Port Port of Cairns, Australia

Survey AMSA Certificate of Operation – Partially Smooth Waters (D)

Passengers 10 Persons

Length 36.5 meters

Beam 12 meters

Depth 2.4 meters

Construction Steel

Gross Tonnage 154 tonnes

Deck Equipment 2x towing cleats on bow, 3x double mooring bits on each side, 2x single mooring bits on each side.

Optional Spud Capabilities 660OD spuds, 24-meters long

Barge Charter Rates in Australia

North Marine offers hourly, daily, and long-term barge charter rates in line with competitive industry standards.

Charter rates include loading and unloading, voyage time, and duration at the worksite.

To discuss a commercial barge charter, please contact [email protected].

A full pricing schedule may be requested by contacting us.


Tug & Barges For Hire in Cairns, Queensland, Australia

The North Marine fleet is currently expanding. For a comprehensive list of assets, please get in touch with us directly. Furthermore, we can source vessels from various sources to fulfil project requirements.

We provide towage and workboat services throughout Australia and the Pacific region, within the (EEZ).

Furthermore, our shipyard and marine facility North Wharf is conveniently located away from areas of Port congestion. With a roll-on-roll-off barge loading ramp, ample storage facilities, a powered wharf and Cairns harbour moorings.

All marine services are tailored to suit individual client requirements. Comprehensive proposals, timely support and exemplary communication is guaranteed.

Vessels are crewed by highly experienced Masters, mates, engineers and deckhands – with applicable pilotage exemptions where required.

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