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Tug Boat Charter, ‘Gulf Explorer’

North Marine provides a suite of tug boat services throughout Queensland and the Torres Straits.

We have the capacity to perform a wide range of marine towage services. These include harbour and long-range ocean towage, tug boat hire, tug and barge combinations, tow assists, tug escorts and support vessel charters.

Our tug boat rates are highly competitive.

Based in Queensland, our vessels are surveyed to work anywhere in Australia and the Pacific – inside the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). This includes the Torres Strait and the Gulf of Carpentaria.


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Towage Services

These include, but are not limited to:

Harbour Towage

Sea Towage

Barge Mobilisation

Tow Assist & Marine Tow Escorts

Boat Towage & Relocation

Great Barrier Reef Pontoon Towage, Installation & Relocation Services

Helipad Towage & Relocation Services

Offshore Support Vessel

Crew Transfer & Pilot Transfer

Personnel, Freight & Fuel Supply Transfer

Remote Area Logistics & Supply

Tug Boat Charter for hire from Cairns, Queensland

Fully fitted liveaboard charter

For some marine towage solutions, workboats are used in conjunction with tug boats to ensure a safe and quality-driven service.

Harbour Tug Boat Assistance

Charter Tug Boat, Gulf Explorer

Towage Services with Tim North Marine ǀ Pontoon Tow on the Great Barrier Reef ǀ Tugboat Charter
Pontoon Tow & Installation on the Great Barrier Reef

A 25.6-meter tug boat, the Gulf Explorer, has a notable 35-ton bollard pull and a cruising capacity of over ten thousand nautical miles. Her size and range are well suited to perform both long-range and large towing projects.

Onboard is a hydraulic crane, and a variety of optional extra equipment is available, including various barge hire, landing barge, air compressors, walk-in deck fridge/freezer etc. For a full list of extras, click here.

This tug boat is in class 2B Survey of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, with a 3-ton load. She can carry 16 persons onboard and sleep 10 and is fully air-conditioned with all liveaboard facilities.


Please download PDF for full vessel specifications: Gulf Explorer Specifications


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Towage Services: Support Boat ‘Viking’ for Hire

Charter Workboat, Viking

Viking is a 14-meter, twin-screw aluminium workboat with 3.5 ton towing bollards. She is an outfitted dive support vessel, ideal for performing commercial diving in conjunction with marine towage services.

A variety of optional extra equipment is available if required, including air compressors, tender vessels, landing barge etc.

Viking workboat is in Class 2C Survey of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and can carry 14 persons onboard and sleep 8.


Viking PDF Download for Vessel Hire SpecificationsPlease download PDF for full vessel specifications: Viking Specifications


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