Contact Contract Commercial Dive Company in Cairns, Queensland AustraliaTake the hassle out of your vessel compliance obligations. North Marine issues mooring Certificates of Compliance, ensuring your operation continues to run smoothly.

We provide Certificates of Compliance for vessel moorings, pontoon moorings, helipad moorings and all other marine structures/watercraft.

We install, service and inspect moorings throughout Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef region and the Torres Strait. We offer competitive quotes for boat mooring compliance inspections, installations and maintenance anywhere inside Australian waters (EEZ).

As mooring compliance specialists, we are extremely well acquainted with what you expect of a marine contractor. We work efficiently and safely, providing a quality guarantee.

Our experienced occupational divers ensure peace of mind that standards are maintained for every vessel and watercraft.

Our clients range from commercial enterprises, government entities, tourism operators and private individuals. We have installed and maintained public Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service (QPWS) Great Barrier Reef moorings for over ten years.

We have a 100% safe working record. Products and services are routinely inspected and passed by a Marine Surveyor to guarantee quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

How Do I Get a Certificate of Compliance for a Boat Mooring?

Boat Hardware that does not pass a Mooring Certificate of Compliance Inspection Is Changed Out By Tim North Marine
Corroded Mooring Hardware is Replaced

When you book your mooring compliance inspection, our expert team of commercial divers will inspect your mooring and ensure that it is safe for your vessel/watercraft.

We issue mooring compliance certificates upon satisfactory inspection.

Although nearly all inspections are routine, in most circumstances, we are fully equipped to perform any on-the-spot maintenance as necessary – from minor repairs to significant change-outs. We strive to ensure no unnecessary delays in making sure your mooring is compliant for use.

When major works need to be carried out to ensure that your mooring is compliant, we will discuss options with you.

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Competitive Pricing

Our regular clients span across the whole of the east-Australian seaboard, including the Torres Strait and the Gulf of Carpentaria. As a result, we offer a competitive-edge pricing structure because we can frequently combine multiple mooring jobs on each voyage.


What Mooring Compliance Services Do We Offer?

Boat Mooring Certificates
Pontoon / Helipad Mooring Installation & Certificates Of Compliance
MSQ Mooring Compliance
GBRMPA Mooring Compliance
QPWS Mooring Certificates of Compliance
Mooring Installation and Maintenance
Mooring Hardware & Rope Supplies
Cyclone Mooring Installation & Compliance
Supply & Design Solutions
Load Test A Boat Mooring


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