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Fabricated mooring lines, made to your specifications

North Marine is your Boat Mooring Installation Specialist throughout the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland and the Torres Strait.

Our state-wide mooring service can assist with every stage of your mooring project; from design, supply, installation and maintenance.

As moorings are a core of our business, we pride ourselves on unsurpassed knowledge and we guarantee quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

Our industry-leading track record has seen hundreds of boat mooring systems and reef pontoons installed across Australia and the Pacific Ocean.


We work across a range of sectors including:

  • Private Boat Owners
  • Commercial
  • Government
  • Research & Scientific Institutions


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Industry Leaders in Queensland Mooring Systems

Install a Cyclone mooring for Queensland vessels with Tim North marine. mooring installation and mooring compliance on the Great Barrier Reef
Cyclone Mooring Installation Project on a Large-Scale

For over ten years, we have installed and maintained public Great Barrier Reef moorings for the government’s Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Our understanding of the Great Barrier Reef moorings and locations are unparalleled.

As state-wide mooring installation experts, we know Queensland boat mooring requirements (MSQ) and other applicable regulating bodies. Mooring specifications are based on your area and the scope of your vessel/s.

Twice-yearly, we provide inspection and maintenance to the public Great Barrier Reef moorings. This means that if you operate in the areas between Moreton Bay and the Torres Strait, we can offer very competitive pricing structures when multiple jobs can be combined on the same mooring installation run.

We also install and maintain cyclone moorings in inlets and waterways across Queensland and the Torres Strait.

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Mooring Certificates of Compliance

Boat Mooring Compliance Queensland ǀ Tim North Marine ǀ Mooring Compliance GBRMPA ǀ Boat Mooring Compliance MSQ
Mooring Compliance Certificates, Issued On-Site

As experts in mooring compliance regulations, we can tailor your specifications to ensure regulatory standards are met.

We assist commercial enterprises, Government departments, and private clients meet their boat mooring compliance obligations, and we issue on-site mooring certificates of compliance where possible.

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Mooring Certificates of Compliance


Competitive Pricing

Great Barrier Reef Mooring ǀ Pontoon Mooring ǀ Tim North Marine
Pontoon Mooring, Great Barrier Reef

Our state-wide mooring services means that we offer a competitive-edge pricing structure with multiple regular clients along the entire coast of Queensland.

Twice yearly we service public Great Barrier Reef moorings. Where possible, we can frequently combine client mooring jobs during each voyage to offer excellent local value to our clients.


Boat Mooring Supply & Fabrication

Throughout Australia, we supply vessel moorings made to specification.

We supply all the necessary hardware. We fabricate and stock complete vessel moorings, and – where applicable – provide compliance certificates per your local regulating authorities; such as MSQ mooring compliance and GBRMPA mooring compliance guidelines.

While we specialise in Queensland based mooring systems and Great Barrier Reef moorings, we quote Australia-wide for mooring installation, mooring inspections and mooring maintenance services.

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our Retail Boat Mooring Supplies, Rope & Hardware


Additional Mooring Services Include:

Install a Cyclone Mooring
Pontoon & Helipad Installation/Disconnection & Towage
GBRMPA Mooring Certificate of Compliance Inspections
QPWS Mooring Certificate of Compliance Inspections
MSQ Mooring Certificate of Compiance Inspections



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