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North Marine operates a full commercial dive division, providing a suite of dive services throughout Queensland and the Torres Straits.

We provide both SCUBA and SSBA occupational diving work.

Our commercial dive experience spans over 30 years, working in both Australian and international waters.

We work efficiently and safely, offering excellent value and quality guarantee.

Based in Cairns Queensland, North Marine offers competitive quotes for commercial diving jobs throughout Australia and the EEZ.

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Commercial Dive Services

Marine Infrastructure Projects – Installation, Maintenance or Salvage

Boat Mooring Installation, Inspections, Maintenance & Compliance Certificates

Navigational Aids Installation, Inspections & Maintenance

Marine Salvage

Civil/Marine Construction and Demolition

Vessel Hull Inspections

Underwater Surveys

Reef Pontoon Mooring Installation, Inspections, Maintenance & Compliance Certificates

Cyclone Mooring Installation, Inspections, Maintenance & Compliance Certificates

Propeller Change-Outs

Anode Installation, Monitoring & Change-Outs

Underwater Cleaning, Maintenance & Repairs

Underwater Photography & Video Inspections

Wharf & Marina Inspection Diving, Maintenance & Repair

Environmental Research Diving & Sea Bed Surveys

Scientific Research Projects


Great Barrier Reef Mooring Specialists

North Marine is the Great Barrier Reef mooring experts. We facilitate mooring infrastructure throughout the Coral Sea, including Queensland and the Torres Straits.

Services include installation; ongoing maintenance and mooring compliance; pontoon installation – including connection, disconnection and towage; and cyclone mooring installation and compliance.

As mooring specialists, we are extremely well acquainted with what you expect from a commercial dive provider. Our experienced dive crew assess your mooring/s and give you peace of mind.

While most mooring inspections are routine, in most circumstances, we are equipped to perform on-the-spot maintenance as necessary – from minor repairs to significant change-outs. We strive to ensure no unnecessary delays in making sure your mooring is compliant for use.

Clients include the Queensland Government, commercial shipping agents, the Australian Navy, tourism operators and private individuals. (View client testimonials here).

We hold a long-term recurring contract with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS), to maintain public moorings throughout the Great Barrier Reef. Twice annually, our commercial diving jobs include the service of public-use Great Barrier Reef moorings for QPWS.

We can deliver a cost-effective advantage to all parties when we combine mooring work for numerous clients on the same voyage.

‘Mooring Compliance’ Commercial Dive Company

Our commercial diving service includes issuing ‘certificate of compliance’ paperwork. These may be required for boat moorings, pontoon moorings, helipad moorings and other marine structures/watercraft. Mooring compliance may be required by Government agencies or by insurance providers.

Compliance certificates are issued upon installation or satisfactory inspection of your mooring, giving you quality assurance and peace of mind.

North Marine provide this service throughout the Qld Great Barrier Reef and Torres Straits regions.

We issue MSQ Certificates of Compliance, QPWS Certificates of Compliance and GBRMPA compliance paperwork – where applicable.

Is your vessel mooring compliant? Read more

Vessel Hull Inspections

Hull Inspection ǀ Commercial Diving Cairns, Port Douglas & Queensland ǀ Tim North MarineOur commercial dive service performs vessel hull inspections.

Hull inspections may include anode installation/monitoring, propellor/rudder inspection or damage surveying – to more general maintenance assessments. All diving work will be tailored to specific requests.

Clients range from commercial shipping agents to tourism operators to private vessel owners.

Underwater videography and photographic services may be provided if requested, for reporting and insurance purposes.

Marine Salvage

Our commercial dive division may help with your marine salvage requirements.

North Marine’s commercial dive division work in conjunction with other departments to ensure that your marine salvage operation runs smoothly and efficiently.

We have a fleet of support vessels, tug boats and barges available to assist with marine salvage operations.

We provide towage of recovered vessels or salvaged items. North Marine also may provide documentation, as requested, to support insurance claims in the course of salvage work.


Equipment Hire – Occupational Diving Department

Our occupational dive service is able to hire equipment for a range of commercial diving jobs. Based in Cairns, Queensland, these include:

Lift Bags – Various sizes and lift capacities

Vessel Dive Boat Hire: ‘M.V Viking’ fully outfitted 14-meter commercial dive boat

A commercial dive support platform / work pontoon (1.5 x 3meters, caged on three sides)

Hiab Truck with mounted mobile crane

Barge Hire: 8.0m Aluminium landing craft with bow door

Vessel Work Boat Hire: 6.5m Aluminium RIB in AMSA survey for 12 pax – “Tin Duck”

Vessel Workboat Hire: 4.5m Aluminium RIB – “Drouge”

Vessel Workboat Hire: Various Dinghies

Transportable Cabin (a.k.a Donger). Air-conditioned workers room – suitable for an onsite office, dry laboratory or can sleep 6-persons. Size 3m x 2m x 3m


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