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Need a vessel relocated? North Marine has a team of highly skilled Mariners and Engineers who can offer solutions for boat transport throughout Australia.

We offer vessel relocation services by experienced delivery Skippers or by towage, ensuring a timely and cost-effective solution with a 100% safe working record.

We do not provide on-land freight carrying services for vessels.

We also specialise in other types of watercraft relocation; such as barge towage, pontoons and marine-aircraft landing pads.

Our boat delivery Skippers are highly experienced seafarers with in-depth knowledge of boat transport Australia.

Furthermore, where appropriate, we utilise dual-ticketed crew, ensuring we relocate your vessel with safe and reliable service, at a cost-effective premium.


Other Watercraft Transport

Queensland tug boat ‘Gulf Explorer’, tows the Quicksilver reef pontoon on its journey from the Great Barrier Reef. A team effort between North Marine occupational divers and our fantastic tug boat crew in Cairns Harbour, Queensland AustraliaNorth Marine are highly experienced transporting other watercraft in addition to vessel relocation services; particularly barge tows, reef pontoon relocations and helicopter landing pad relocations. Specialising in the Great Barrier Reef region, we have installed over 35 reef pontoons, often in areas of dense coral structures.

As a result, we regularly provide pontoon towage and helipad towage for land-based maintenance, impending cyclones etc.

Because North Marine is the mooring specialist, we can take care of every aspect of the tow for your pontoon. This includes disconnect, reconnect and mooring certificates of compliance.

For examples of some of the work we’ve completed, visit our ‘Projects’ page or follow us on social media to see what boat transportation we’ve been up to recently.

Vessel Relocation Services*

  • Boat Delivery Skippers (vessel relocation)
  • Boat Towage Solutions (vessel relocation)
  • Barge Towage Solutions (barge relocation)
  • Watercraft Transport; Including Pontoon Relocation, Aircraft Landing Pad Relocation etc
  • Marina Evacuation Assistance
  • Yacht Delivery Skippers (vessel relocation)
  • Yacht Delivery Towage (vessel relocation)
  • Boat Transportation Queensland (vessel relocation)
  • Boat Transport Sydney (vessel relocation)
  • Interstate Vessel Relocation
  • Boat Transport Melbourne (vessel relocation)
  • Australia-wide Vessel Relocations
  • Boat Transport Brisbane (vessel relocation)
  • Boat Transport Cairns (vessel relocation)

*Please note that we offer vessel relocation by delivery Skippers or by towage. We do not provide on-land freight carrying services for vessels.

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Marina Evacuation Assistance – Vessel Relocation Service to Far North Queensland

Help move a boat from Cairns Marlin Marina in an Extreme Weather Evacuation Contact North Marine
Image of an evacuated Cairns Marlin Marina during a cyclone warning, courtesy of Ports North

North Marine is an all services marine company, operating Australia-wide, our head offices are based in Cairns Queensland.

We offer vessel relocation services, including harbour evacuation assistance to Far North Queensland vessel owners.

If you may require your vessel to be relocated in the event of a mandatory harbour evacuation order, North Marine can assist.

Please contact us if you need assistance or towage of your vessel. In the event of a marina evacuation, if you direct us to do so, we can assist you to move your vessel safely to your preferred location.

As severe weather is not uncommon in Far North Queensland, marina users are familiar with marina evacuations. During a tropical cyclone weather warning, users of the Cairns Marlin Marina must adhere to the Cairns Regional Harbour Master’s directives.

Extreme Weather Warnings – Red Alert

When the Regional Harbour Master issues a ‘Red Alert’, destructive winds are forecast, and the port of Cairns is closed.

Directions during extreme weather events and emergencies are laid out in the ‘Port of Cairns Extreme Weather Event Contingency Plan’, available from Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ). 

Extreme Weather Event Contingency Plan Cairns – 2020/2021 (PDF, 183 KB)

In the event of a harbour evacuation, if you direct us to do so, we can help you move your vessel safely to your preferred location.

For Assistance Moving Vessels Or Watercraft – Contact North Marine


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