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Cairns Marina Ariel for Superyachts to the Great Barrier Reef & Superyachts to Cairns Port Tim North offers specialist superyacht services
Cairns: Your Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef


North Marine is a leading provider of marine services for superyachts visiting the Great Barrier Reef and superyachts to Cairns Port.

As part of a strong local network of experienced professionals, we deliver specialist services geared towards the most discerning superyacht owners, guests and crew.

Our Superyacht Services

Boat Mooring Rope & Boat Mooring Supplies for Australia Superyachts to the Great Barrier Reef Cairns Queensland

Our superyacht services are continually evolving to meet the increasing demands of the industry.

Below is a list of the services we currently have on offer from Cairns. Please contact our helpful team for other requests, and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.

Superyacht Hull Cleaning & Inspection Service

Dive Services for Superyachts on the Great Barrier Reef & Superyachts to Cairns Port including Hull Inspections & Hull Cleaning

We adhere to protective legislation around Cairns waterways’ environmentally sensitive habitats. All hull cleaning is conducted by hand by a team of highly skilled divers. Superyacht work is carried out in Cairns Trinity Inlet unless organised elsewhere.

Initially, a risk assessment is conducted. This assesses the superyacht hull condition for species identified as a potential threat to the natural habitat. Once satisfied that there are no foreign threats attached to the yachts hull, work commences.

Our superyacht hull cleaning and inspection service include:

  • Risk assessment of environmental considerations
  • Hull cleaning by hand with exemplary attention to detail
  • Propeller clean and inspection
  • Rudder clean and inspection
  • Anode inspection and anode replacement as required
  • Water inlet inspection
  • Thruster inspection
  • Full report given on the results of the inspection and all work conducted on-site

Where only a hull clean or a hull inspection is required, these services may be conducted separately as requested.

Offshore Superyacht Resupply & Yacht Provisioning

We understand that it isn’t always convenient or ideal for superyachts to come into Cairns Port for supplies. With this in mind, our full resupply service caters to superyachts anywhere in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the surrounding Pacific islands. We resupply even to remote locations, such as the Outer Great Barrier Reefs and remote islands such as Lizard Island and Willis Island.


Our ample storage shed facilities in the heart of the Cairns central business area can take and store deliveries, parts and freight ready for when it needs to be delivered.

What does our Superyacht Resupply Service include?

  • FOOD AND BEVERAGE RESUPPLY  Our full, onboard walk-in-fridges and walk-in-freezers are ready to transport goods from Cairns Port to anywhere within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Where food provisioning is concerned, we work in conjunction with several reputable superyacht agents in Cairns and Far North Queensland who organise your food and catering purchases, which we then deliver directly to your yacht.
  • FUEL RESUPPLY  We perform a full risk assessment for transferring fuel directly to your superyacht in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Our vessels can transport and transfer fuel from ship-to-yacht, where possible, following a full risk analysis and meeting all legal obligations. Where applicable, we submit an application for approval to the necessary regulating authorities – such as the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, GBRMPAAs there are several considerations for each fuel resupply service, please email us or call our helpful support team for more information on refuelling in the Great Barrier Reef region. Alternatively, to refuel in Cairns Marlin Marina, please click here to book your refuelling appointment onshore
  • MACHINERY, ENGINE PARTS AND OTHER FREIGHT  North Marine delivers items from Cairns Port directly to your superyacht during its visit to the Great Barrier Reef and the surrounding region, so that your yacht can continue its operations seamlessly. Our large storage facilities can take and store your deliveries ready for direct transport to you.

Superyacht Dive Support & Dive Equipment Provider

Our expert team of divers are ready to assist with equipment and personnel to perform or assist with projects requiring a dive support team. At North Marine, we appreciate the exacting nature of superyacht maintenance and upkeep. Our specialist team are well equipped to form a seamless part of your support personnel as necessary.

Guide Services & Great Barrier Reef Experts

Our superior knowledge of the Great Barrier Reef region – its mooring locations, dive and snorkel sites, history and cultural significance are second to none. We can provide dive itineraries that will leave even the most avid scuba enthusiasts delighted. We assist both guests and crew witness the best the Great Barrier Reef has to offer.

Upon request, we will organise various personnel to enhance your time in the Great Barrier Reef region and make your voyage here unforgettable.

These may include:

  • Scuba Diving Guides, Snorkelling Guides and Expert Reef Interpreters. There’s nothing that can surpass local and regional knowledge to enhance your enjoyment of a destination. Upon request, we can facilitate a range of in-water guides, expert lecturers or Great Barrier Reef marine biologists to showcase exciting and significant aspects of this natural world wonder.
  • Vessel Masters / Mooring Location Specialists. We can arrange experienced Masters to act as guides to Masters of visiting superyacht vessels. Local Masters provide assistance with optimal mooring and harbourage locations; best scuba diving, snorkelling and water-sport areas and existing or amended Great Barrier Reef itineraries. Our Masters base their recommendations on local knowledge of prevailing weather conditions, time of year and other relevant factors – ensuring an optimal experience throughout your visit.

Our reef guides are passionate about marine conservation and preservation. Our expert interpreters give a real, in-depth understanding of the health of the Great Barrier Reef – the outlook for its future – and ways that we can do our part in sustaining the immense beauty of this unique marine environment for future generations.

Superyacht Specialist Maintenance & Repair Services

With over 30+ years of industry experience in the region, our knowledge of Queensland marine trade and local service providers is outstanding. We offer valuable assistance to visiting superyachts looking for specialist marine maintenance and repair services – with tradespeople from all disciplines available to get almost every job done.

We appreciate the particular etiquette required from tradespeople on board superyachts and deliver high-quality every time.

We can provide tradespeople with a range of expert skill sets. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Diesel Mechanics
  • Marine Electricians
  • Boilermakers – Fabrication & Welding
  • Engineers
  • Ropes Fabrication & Hardware Suppliers
  • Maritime Training Providers
  • Mechanical & Hydraulics Technicians
  • Refrigeration, Plumbing & Desalination Technicians
  • Riggers & Sailmakers
  • Shipwrights
  • Signage & Graphics
  • Surveyors & Valuers
  • Trimming & Upholstery Providers
  • Vessel Delivery
  • Safety Equipment – Liferaft Services, Fire Services etc
  • Helicopter / Aircraft Technicians

Freight Receival, Storage & Forwarding

Our large storage shed facilities in the heart of the Cairns central business area can take and store deliveries, parts and freight ready for when it needs to be delivered.

We deliver freight directly to your superyacht – both offshore or docked – or can forward it for your convenience.

Vessels, Plant & Equipment for Hire

North Marine has a range of equipment available for both long and short-term hire, which visiting superyacht crew or superyacht agents may find beneficial to hire. Equipment may be hired with operating personnel/crew or hired alone.

Vessels, Plant & Equipment Available for Hire:

  • WORKBOATS & TOWBOATS  We have a fleet of workboats and towboats available for charter in a variety of different support vessel capacities. Contact us for more information.
  • TRUCK  Work truck for transporting large parts, stores and cargo. The vehicle comes with a mounted crane (see below)
  • MOBILE CRANE  Hiab truck with crane for hire in Cairns. The crane has a 2.5-ton lift capacity with a 6-meter reach. It is ideal for manoeuvring liferafts, engines, tenders and small vessels, freight loading and unloading, cargo transportation etc. Click here for full specifications on our truck-mounted crane.
  • WALK-IN FRIDGE & FREEZER  Walk-in fridge and walk-in freezer units for food and beverage transportation
  • IN-WATER WORK SUPPORT PLATFORM  Floating workers support platform/pontoon, caged on three sides, size 1.5 x 3 meters—ideal for working alongside ships for maintenance or inspection etc.
  • FORKLIFT  2.5-ton forklift
  • LIFT BAGS  Various sizes and lift capacities
  • TRANSPORTABLE CABIN (a.k.a Donger)  Air-conditioned workers room – suitable for an onsite office, dry laboratory or can sleep 6-persons. Size 3 meters x 2 meters

Superyacht Facilities at Cairns Marlin Marina, Your Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

Refuelling your Superyacht at Cairns Marlin Marina with Trinity Petroleum
Refuelling your Superyacht at Cairns Marlin Marina with Trinity Petroleum

Cairns Port is one of Australia’s busiest cruising ports, welcoming international and domestic vessels.

Cairns Port’s primary marina is the Cairns Marlin Marina – a 261 berth Marina accommodating a variety of superyachts, Great Barrier Reef tour operators and fishing tour operators.

OR Refuel your superyacht offshore – contact the North Marine team to discuss refuelling offshore options.

  • LAUNDRY  Laundry facilities, washing and drying amenities are available at Cairns Marlin Marina
  • PARKING  Parking is available at the Cairns Marlin Marina. To use the marina parking facilities as a marina user, you will need to apply for a parking permit and access card from the Ports North Marina Operations Office, upstairs inside the ‘Reef Fleet Terminal’ building at the marina.
    Click here to contact the Ports North Marina Operations Office.

Alternatively, paid public parking is also available at Cairns Marina.

  • SLIPWAYS  Cairns Port offers a number of slipways, dry docks and refit facilities for a diverse range of vessel maintenance.
  • ELECTRICITY  Included in your berthing fee at the Cairns Marlin Marina is single-phase electrical connections up to 15-amps. Additionally, three-phase shore power connections up to 200-amps are available at certain berths upon application and must be requested when booking your superyacht into Cairns Marina.

Cairns and the surrounding Great Barrier Reef region provide safe cruising grounds and form a link between other South Pacific yachting destinations such as New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

With its ideal proximity to Asia, Australia is positioned to appear on many superyacht itineraries.

“Witness it with your own eyes.”

See the best of the Great Barrier Reef, come face to face with an abundance of colourful and diverse marine life and discover why Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Why Do Superyachts Visit Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef?

Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef is a desirable destination for superyacht guests and crew alike. Far North Queensland is the only place on the planet where two independent UNESCO listed World Heritage sites exist side-by-side – the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. It is a place where vibrant culture meets historical significance and an abundance of outstanding natural beauty.

Expanding regional infrastructure across the whole of the Great Barrier Reef region makes it an exciting and inviting time to be visiting Queensland. Superyachts visiting the Great Barrier Reef and superyachts to Cairns Port can expect to be delighted by the laid-back vibe mixed with the vibrant attractions.

Vlasoff Cay is paradise for any adventurous Superyachts to the Great Barrier Reef off Cairns







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