Tug Boat Assist for Bulk Carrier Ocean Crossing

Scope of Works

North Marine was tasked to provide a tug boat assist to a 180-meter, 25,000 gross ton cargo bulk carrier, the ‘M.V. Funing’.

Our tug assisted its voyage from Bligh Entrance through the Prince of Wales Channel, in Queensland’s Torres Strait.

Project Brief – Tugboat Assist

The North Marine tug boat ‘Gulf Explorer’ mobilised to the Torres Strait from the Port of Cairns, Queensland. From here, she assisted with the ship’s tug escort, taking up the stern tow position. An 80-meter super tug took up the forward tow position.

The Gulf Explorer’s tug escort voyage involved transiting through a narrow passage of the Great Barrier Reef. Commencing at Bligh Entrance, near Bramble Cay, the tow assist passed via the Prince of Wales Channel in the Torres Strait.

The Gulf Explorer’s role is to assist the bulk carrier in holding straight throughout the voyage, limiting yawing during the ocean crossing.

Project Outcome

The M.V Funning made its transit safely and on schedule. The crossing was successful with no delays.


Chart Map of Torres Strait Tow Assist Route

The map shows the tugs chart passage plan through the narrow shipping channel between Bligh Entrance and Booby Island, via the Prince of Wales Channel.

The Client

The China Navigation Company is a Singapore-based merchant shipping company. Serving over 130 ports worldwide and trading in over 90 countries, the China Navigation Company is the shipping arm of the broader global conglomerate, the ‘Swire Group’, with the business division ‘Swire Shipping’.

The shipping company operates over 150 vessels, including, but not limited to, container vessels, bulk carrier vessels, heavy-lift and general cargo vessels.

Providing vital supply chain services, The China Navigation Company delivers global transportation to several key markets, including infrastructure, energy and resources.

About The Bulk Carrier Vessel, the M.V Funing

The M.V. Funing is a bulk carrier cargo vessel. At an impressive 180 meters in length and 30 meters in breadth, she weighs in at approximately 25,000 gross ton.

She sails under the flag of Singapore for the China Navigation Company.

Tug Boat Company Based In Cairns, Queensland, Australia

North Marine provide a suite of marine towage and tug boat support services throughout Queensland and the Torres Straits.

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