Underwater Work in Cairns – Dive Contractor

Underwater Work in Cairns – Dive Contractor

Looking for a diving contractor to perform underwater work or professional labour services in an aquatic environment?

Commercial diving contractor company North Marine - based in the Port of Cairns in Queensland, Australia

North Marine is the trusted commercial diving contractor in Cairns Port, Far North Queensland.

We operate in a range of in-water environments. These include marine & ocean work, work in harbour & ports, coastal & inlet work, dam & reservoir work, and inland projects.

Underwater Work

  • Infrastructure Project Work
  • Underwater Welding Work
  • Dive Work on Wharves & Jetties
  • Underwater Construction/Demolition
  • Underwater Inspection Work
  • Pile Wrapping
  • Underwater Repair & Maintenance
  • Invasive Species Assessments
  • Line Fabrication – Ship/Vessel Line Fabrication


Professional Underwater Services

All dive crew are qualified and established at providing underwater labour services. North Marine professional divers are ADAS certified and work is conducted in accordance with Australian standards for occupational diving work AS/NS 2299.

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What Sets North Marine Apart As An Underwater Dive Operator?

  • Adept at delivering logistically complex in-water projects
  • A suitable fleet of dive charter vessels to perform works
  • ISO accredited
  • Local SME marine business in Cairns, Queensland, using a local FNQ workforce
  • Experienced project managers and key dive personnel
  • Established track record of Government contracting
  • Ethically, culturally & socially aware company
  • Extensive history of operating in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, tidal zones and environmentally sensitive habitats – including Cairns Inlet
  • Able to deliver project objectives with value for money
  • Waterfront marine facility in Port of Cairns as the operational base
  • Appropriate Safe Work Methodologies, Dive Operations & Hazard Management Plans – including a crocodile management plan for Cairns Harbour


North Marine – Marine Support in Cairns

North Marine is a reliable marine support company that is dedicated to serving the local maritime industries, with a range of services.

We have two primary operating departments – workboat charter services and commercial diving services. Ancillary marine support includes ample storage facilities – both in Cairns City and waterfront in Cairns Port, Trinity Inlet.

View our full range of services:

Marine Support Services