Mooring Certificate of Compliance

Mooring Certificate of Compliance

Check mooring compliance off your ‘To Do’ list.

North Marine issue a boat mooring Certificate of Compliance upon satisfactory inspection, ensuring your operation continues to run smoothly. Mooring Certificates of Compliance are provided for vessel moorings, pontoon moorings, helipad moorings, and other watercraft.

As mooring specialists, we are extremely well acquainted with what you expect of a marine contractor. We work efficiently and safely, providing a quality guarantee.

North Marine install, inspect and service moorings throughout Queensland’s waterways, the Great Barrier Reef, Torres Strait and the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Mooring Certificate of Compliance:

We ensure your vessel mooring satisfies the requirements of any applicable governing authority, including:

Ensure Your Mooring Provides Secure Anchorage

Maintaining your mooring for its intended use is critical for the safety of your asset. Experienced commercial divers provide peace of mind that standards are maintained for every vessel and watercraft.

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Mooring Certificate of Compliance FAQs

What are my obligations as a mooring permit holder?

When you become a Mooring Authority Permit holder, you agree to maintain your boat mooring for the life of your permit.

Most permits require that buoy moorings and apparatus are inspected every year.

You are responsible to ensure that your boat mooring and tackle remain in good condition, in the approved mooring location and are able to secure the vessel intended for use.

Additional mooring inspections should be considered:
  • If your naval architect drawing suggests more frequent intervals
  • After every significant weather event
  • If an unauthorized vessel has been on your boat mooring
  • If you notice signs of wear

Signs of wear that indicate your mooring needs to be inspected include, but are not limited to:

  • Rusted Chain
  • Chaffed Rope
  • Worn Shackles
  • Sun-damaged Rope

How do I get a certificate of compliance for a boat mooring?

How Do I Get A Certificate Of Compliance For A Boat Mooring?

When you book a mooring compliance inspection with North Marine, our expert team of commercial divers inspect your vessel mooring.

Once we are satisfied it meets its intended purpose and is safe for your boat or watercraft, we issue a mooring certificate of compliance via email.

We strive to ensure no unnecessary delays in making sure your mooring is compliant for use.

What if my vessel mooring requires work to meet compliance standards?

What if my vessel mooring requires work?

While most mooring inspections are routine, we are fully equipped to perform on-the-spot maintenance as necessary in most circumstances.

If significant work is required to ensure your mooring is compliant, we will discuss your options.

We strive to ensure no unnecessary delays in making sure your mooring is compliant for use.

What is the cost of a mooring certificate of compliance?

Competitive Pricing

Our mooring inspection clients span across the whole of Queensland, including the Torres Strait and the Gulf of Carpentaria.

As a result, we offer a highly competitive pricing structure because we combine multiple mooring compliance jobs on each voyage.

If your mooring requires work in order to meet compliance regulations, we will discuss this with you.

A full pricing schedule may be requested, by contacting us.


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North Marine has installed and maintained boat moorings in Queensland for over 30 years.

Our understanding of Queensland moorings is second to none. We manage mooring installation and compliance for some of the largest shipping companies throughout Queensland and the Torres Straits and hold long-term contracts to deliver mooring compliance to Government agencies.


Disclaimer: The information on this page is subject to change. Please contact North Marine directly for up-to-date information before acting on the information given.