Install a Cyclone-Rated, Boat Swing Mooring in the Torres Strait

North Marine is contracted to install a cyclone-rated, 360° boat swing mooring at Port Kennedy, Thursday Island in the Torres Strait for the state-Government owned shipping company, Sea Swift.  

Client: Sea Swift

Sea Swift is Northern Australia’s largest shipping company and is owned by the State Government, Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC).

Scope of Work

Northern Australia’s largest shipping company, Sea Swift, requires cyclone moorings rated to hold cargo vessels up to 500-ton in weight to be installed at Port Kennedy, Thursday Island in the Torres Strait.

North Marine commercial divers install 360-degree swing moorings, each consisting of a 54mm stud-link chain running out to three Stingray anchors.

Our experienced dive personnel and project managers are adept at operating in remote locations. North Marine currently installs and maintains all vessel moorings for the state Government-owned corporation, throughout Queensland.

The remote location demands environmental, logistical and stakeholder considerations.

Extensive planning includes coordinating local contractors, approvals and consultation with naval architects and the applicable Authorities.


North Marine successfully completed the contract with all objectives delivered in full, on time and within budget.

The moorings are compliant and fit for purpose.

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Installing a Boat Swing Mooring at Thursday Island, Torres Strait

The Torres Strait is a group of Islands located north of Queensland, Australia and south of New Guinea.

Critical factors such as strong tidal movements are key considerations for North Marine’s commercial diving department when planning and installing vessel moorings throughout the Torres Strait.

Our Clients

Sea Swift is the largest shipping company in Northern Australia. Owned by the State Government, Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) Sea Swift operates both domestically and internationally, providing cargo and freight shipping services. They have bases of operation in Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory.

North Marine commercial divers install and maintain numerous boat mooring infrastructure for Sea Swift in Cairns, Queensland and the Torres Strait.

Commercial Dive Company Based In Cairns, Queensland, Australia

North Marine operates a commercial dive department, providing a suite of diving services throughout Queensland and the Torres Straits.

Our commercial dive experience spans over 30 years, working in both Australian and international waters.


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