Vessel Evacuation from Cairns Marlin Marina | Severe Weather Cyclone Warning

Marina Evacuation Assistance Of Cairns Port During Cyclone Warning

Watch as vessels are evacuated to safer moorings up Trinity Inlet, from Cairns Marlin Marina, Cairns Port.

The severe weather warning issued for the impending Tropical Cyclone Kimi saw “all hands on deck” as the crew of North Marine assisted vessels to brace for the storm. Crews worked into the night and the following day to tow boats and barges from the Cairns Marina.

Learn about preparing for a cyclone or severe weather in the Port of Cairns, by visiting our page:

Is Your Vessel Cyclone Ready?



Video Of Cairns Marina Evacuation – Tropical Cyclone Kimi

In this video, see the North Marine tugboat in Cairns, ‘Gulf Explorer’, followed by workboat ‘Viking’, maneuvering the red barge away from the wharf to a protected cyclone mooring further upstream.

This incredible video was captured by Jim Bradley, of Edge Smartech.

Tropical Cyclone – False Alarm

As severe weather is not uncommon in Far North Queensland, marina users are familiar with marina evacuations. Fortunately, this time, the unpredictable Tropical Cyclone Kimi decided to avoid the shore.

During a tropical cyclone weather warning, users of the Cairns marina must adhere to the Cairns Regional Harbour Master’s directives.

Extreme Weather Warning – Red alert for vessels in the Port of Cairns

When the Regional Harbour Master issues a ‘Red Alert’, destructive winds are forecast, and the port is closed.

Directions during extreme weather events and emergencies are laid out in the ‘Port of Cairns Extreme Weather Event Contingency Plan’, available from Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ).

» Cairns Extreme Weather Event Contingency Plan 2021/2022 (PDF)


Visit the Bureau Of Meteorology for Cairns Queensland Weather Updates

Where severe weather is concerned, preparation is key.

Marine weather forecasts are generally accurate when predicting major weather events such as tropical cyclones, but can be less accurate when predicting local severe weather such as high winds, storms and surge.

Being prepared is essential to ensuring the safety of your vessel/s.

Prepare your vessel for severe weather well in advance and have a cyclone mooring installation ready to go and well maintained as a safe harbour.

Visit the Bureau of Meteorology website for up to date forecasts on marine weather conditions, tidal conditions, wind and coastal warnings.

BOM Website

Harbour Evacuation Assistance – Vessel Relocation Service to Far North Queensland

North Marine is a Cairns-based, marine services company. We offer vessel relocation services, including harbour evacuation assistance to Far North Queensland vessel owners.

If you may require your vessel to be relocated in the event of a mandatory harbour evacuation order, North Marine can assist. Please contact us if you need assistance or towage of your vessel.

In the event of a harbour evacuation, if you direct us to do so, we can help you move your vessel safely to your preferred location.



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* Banner photograph, courtesy of Ports North

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