Launch Service / Crew Transfer Vessel in Queensland

Crew Transfer Vessel and Launch Service on Queensland's Great Barrier Reef with tow company North Marine - Cairns - Mackay - Cardwell - Torres Strait

Do you need to charter a crew transfer vessel on the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland?

North Marine provide a 24-hour crew transfer vessel service (CTV).

Our launch service is based in the Port of Cairns, Australia. We service most Queensland Ports.

  • Port of Cairns
  • Port of Mackay
  • Port of Townsville
  • Port of Weipa
  • Port of Kurumba
  • Port of Kennedy (Thursday Island)
  • Torres Strait
  • Gulf of Carpentaria

As an established transport provider, North Marine deliver a comprehensive launch service to ships transiting Queensland waters.

We pride ourselves on professional and timely service, with punctual turn-around times.

Our crew transfer vessel and launch service operate throughout the Great Barrier Reef region of Queensland. This includes the Torres Strait and major Queensland Ports.

North Marine can transfer crew from ship to shore or between ships.


Endorsed “COVID Safe” Crew Transfer Vessels, certified by
Queensland Health* (See Below For Information)


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Crew Transfer and Launch Services

Operating with highly experienced personnel, our fleet vessels are in current survey.

A 24-hour Launch Service:

Great Barrier Reef Launch Service with Crew Transfer Vessel from Port Cairns Queensland - Mackay - Torres Strait - Hay Point - Proserpine - Airlie Beach - Cardwell

Transfer of Personnel and Crew to/from Ships, Barges, Shore etc

Transfer of Stores to/from Ships, Barges, Shore etc


Food / Beverage / Provisions Resupply

Marine Pilot Transfer / Pilot Launch

Marine Technician / Specialist Personnel Transfer (inc. Doctors)

Launch Service for both Australian and International Seafarers

COVID Testing Onboard Your Vessel – North Marine acts as transport provider only, for a Doctor / Health Professional, and accepts no responsibility for testing*

* See special conditions for COVID-Safe Ship Transfers, below


Cargo and Equipment to Ship Transfer

Launch Service to a cargo ship on Great Barrier Reef Queensland from port of cairns with company north marine delivers equipment and freight to passing ship

Our vessels may transfer cargo, freight, equipment and engine parts to your ship.

Marine storage facilities in the Cairns business district can take and store deliveries, engine parts and freight/cargo ready for transport to your vessel.

Launch vessel, Gulf Explorer, has ample deck space to accommodate most cargo requirements. Equipped with a 30meter3 hold for additional cargo/stores, with the option for a walk-in fridge/freezer unit to store refrigerated provisions.

Our crew transfer vessel, Viking, can accommodate small amounts of cargo and is primarily deployed as a crew transfer vessel.

Refuelling Service

In some instances, we may supply fuel to offshore vessels.

Our launch vessels may transport and transfer fuel from ship to ship, following strict procedures.

As there are several considerations for each fuel resupply service, please contact our offices for more information on refuelling offshore and refuelling in the Great Barrier Reef region.

Facilities Onboard Our Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV’s)

All crew transfer vessels (CTV’s) have fully air-conditioned interiors for passenger comfort.

We can accommodate up to either 12 or 14 passengers per transit/boat.*

The vessels are equipped with standard facilities, including a galley.

Berths are available for transiting crew on extended operations or where COVID safety procedures dictate.

* See special conditions for COVID-Safe Ship Transfers, below

Launch Service Rates & Crew Transfer Vessel Charter Rates

North Marine offer either hourly or daily crew transfer vessel rates, in line with industry standards.

Launch service rates include time loading and unloading crew, machinery and/or provisions. This incorporates wharf loading, unloading at the ship, transit times to/from ship and vessel shut down.

Use of crane-truck or franna and dogman may incur additional charges.

Our charter boat rates can be requested by contacting [email protected] or calling our offices.

COVID Safe Transport of Quarantined Persons – Vessel Launches

! Recognised COVID Safe Transport Provider for Vessel Launches

Crew Transfer Vessel Company, Launch Service Rates for Port of Cairns, Mackay, Hay Point, QueenslandNorth Marine are the only approved ‘COVID Safe’ crew transfer company with a base in the Port of Cairns, on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef.

Stringent biosecurity monitoring, processes and procedures are followed to transfer ship personnel.

In most cases of carrying COVID-quarantined persons during transfer, North Marine’s launch vessel Gulf Explorer can carry up to 5 quarantined passengers, each in their own separate cabin.

Crew transfer vessel Viking can transfer up to 4 quarantined persons spaced 1.5m apart.

COVID safe protocols for the transit voyage are dictated by Queensland Health and reviewed by the Regional Harbour Master.

 > Click here to learn more about the Queensland Government’s Endorsed Transport Providers.


Request our COVID-Safe Passenger Transfer SWI for full details on transferring quarantined persons from a ship to a North Marine vessel.

  PDF Certificate of Compliance: COVID Safe Vehicle/Ship – Launch Service Vessel Gulf Explorer

  PDF Certificate of Compliance: COVID Safe Vehicle/Ship – Launch Service Vessel Viking


Contact us for up-to-date COVID-Safe Crew Transfer Information

COVID Testing Onboard Transiting Ships

Furthermore, North Marine can organise qualified health professionals to conduct COVID-testing onboard your ship.

North Marine acts as a transport provider only for a Doctor / Health Professional and accepts no responsibility for testing.

Shipping agents, owners and operators may avoid costly delays by ensuring crew are tested for COVID-19 regularly and when crossing borders in Australia.

In many instances, this is a biosecurity requirement for a ship’s crew or transferring seafarers.

Will a ships freight, equipment and crew be able to cross the border into Queensland given COVID-19?

Crew Transfer Vessel Company in Cairns Queensland Charter Rate for Launch Service

North Marine can help as an endorsed COVID-safe transport provider.

Domestic crew, equipment and freight, along with foreign-flagged ships, may enter Queensland after obtaining the relevant permissions from Authorities.*

* See below for links that may assist you

Shipping companies require endorsed transport providers, such as North Marine, to transfer workers, crew and passengers.

Medical personnel are frequently required to attend a vessel and COVID-test crew.

Government authorities may mandate these requirements, such as Queensland Health, Biosecurity Queensland (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries), or Australian Boarderforce (customs).

Ships owners, agents and interested parties may also request COVID-testing as part of their safety management and/or risk management.

Proactive COVID-testing of crew onboard transiting ships may help avoid costly delays.

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