Bathymetric Survey Report & Seafloor Assessments In Pacific

North Marine was contracted to conduct site assessments and bathymetric survey reports on four proposed marine infrastructure locations in the Pacific.

Client: Undisclosed due to NDA

Scope of Work – Bathymetric Survey, Site & Seafloor Assessments

Please note – due to the NDA surrounding this project, specifics can not be discussed here. If further clarification on the service North Marine provides is required, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As mooring infrastructure experts, North Marine consultants were flown internationally to determine suitable locations for installing marine infrastructure in the Pacific.

Following thorough site analysis, comprehensive reports of the feasibility of each of the four reef sites for the intended installation were provided to the client.

The seafloor reports included bathymetric imaging analysis, Met Ocean Data, regional annual weather considerations, marine fauna, mooring/anchoring options and dive surveys.

They further outlined resources available (e.g. vessel availability & nearby Port logistics).

Because North Marine has extensive experience in similar marine installations, we were able to go above and beyond for this client.

Our findings explained the optimal location for the installation and included considerations not already taken into account. For example, the distance to necessary evacuation infrastructure and practical and logistical planning.

North Marine has established relationships with specialised personnel who were our key subcontractors for parts of this project. This includes a Naval Architect and Bathymetric Surveyor.


Managing the bathymetric survey work and site assessments presented numerous logistical challenges.

Detailed planning and methodology covered:

  • Transporting bulk equipment internationally – including bathymetry equipment
  • Sourcing suitable vessels in the area for the project
  • Liaising with multiple stakeholders and Governing bodies – in multiple languages
  • Operating within environmentally sensitive marine habitats
  • Substantial tidal and weather limitations
  • Operating restrictions set by local Authorities

North Marine – Discriminators for the Bathymetric Survey & Seafloor Assessment

  • Adept at delivering logistically complex and remote projects
  • Most experienced pontoon installation company in Australia
  • Comprehensive ‘Environmental Management Procedures’ – with extensive experience operating in marine habitats
  • Established at coordinating with stakeholders, Authorities and subcontractors
  • Exemplary communication channels in place
  • Experienced project managers and key personnel
  • Ethically, culturally & socially aware marine contractor
  • ISO accreditation
  • Hold required permits and insurances


North Marine successfully completed the site assessments and bathymetric work with all project objectives and reporting delivered in full, on time and within budget.

The best outcome for the client was achieved.

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North Marine – Leading Marine Contractor in Australia

North Marine is a prominent marine support company based in the Port of Cairns in Queensland, Australia.

North Marine has a long history of delivering marine consultancy services throughout Australia and the Pacific region.

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