Commitment to Sustainable Practices

Commitment to Sustainable Practices

As a crew of dedicated, seafaring Mariners, a passion for the ocean is at the heart of North Marine.

A focus on supporting the maritime industry is underpinned by a deep respect for the areas in which we are privileged to work.

North Marine originated with a focus and commitment towards sustainable reef practices. From this foundation, our company has continued to grow and evolve.

Environmentally Friendly Mooring Systems – Continuing The Legacy

We are committed to continuing the legacy of installing environmentally friendly anchorages on the Great Barrier Reef.

A Brief History

Founded by the renowned mariner and businessman Tim North, the company was instrumental in developing and implementing positive changes to protect and showcase Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Tim advocated and campaigned for the use of permanent moorings to be installed throughout the marine park. His goal was to minimise the environmental impact caused when a vessel drops its anchor.

The installation of mooring block anchoring systems became widespread to limit the damage vessels cause when visiting the natural wonder.

Environmentally Friendly Mooring Today

Moving into the present, North Marine are working towards a new method for anchoring vessels on the Great Barrier Reef. Our modern boat mooring design leaves a tiny environmental footprint on the seafloor.

By embedding an anchor deep into the ocean substrate, there is minimal impact on the surrounding environment. The new, environmentally friendly mooring systems offer many advantages, and similar designs are already successfully deployed in many other places worldwide.

Twenty-six of our environmentally friendly moorings are due to be installed in the Coral Sea in 2022, and we hope this is just the beginning.

Our Commitment To Sustainable Practices

Further to our continuing dedication to environmentally friendly mooring systems, in 2014 we attained our Advanced Eco Certification and Climate Action Business accreditations. These nationally recognised certification programmes recognise businesses who are taking active steps to reduce their carbon footprint and practice sustainable and responsible reef practices.

We work hard every year to ensure the criteria to sustain these ratings is maintained.

North Marine is continually looking for ways to innovate and inspire. Therefore we operate closely with universities by supplying vessels and crew for scientific research. We’ve worked alongside the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center and the WWF’s “Rivers to Reef to Turtles Project“, as well as contributing to the Minke Whale Project’s tagging research.

Most recently, we worked with James Cook University for their Coral Larval Restoration project, collect ongoing data for the Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef “Great Reef Census” and donated our commercial dive division to the wonderful work of the Reef Restoration Foundation.

Read more about these ventures and North Marine’s involvement, below.

Giving Back – Community & Environmental Initiatives

North Marine has got strong community engagement in North Queensland. We continually look for ways to engage and give back to the communities that we work in and amongst.

AFL Cape York House - A Positive Future For Indigenous Australian Youth

Cape York House is a not-for-profit organisation that strives to build positive futures for young indigenous Australians, by providing education, support and accommodation.

North Marine work with Cape York house to facilitate and showcase career opportunities in the maritime sector.

View the recent article that appeared in the First Nations Telegraph, the Cairns Post and Cape York Weekly – where North Marine connects Sea Swift and Cape York House to provide a tour of their marine facility in Cairns.


View Article


Reef Restoration Foundation - Coral Nursery at Fitzroy Island Queensland

The Reef Restoration Foundation is a not-for-profit, whose goal is to address issues around climate change on the Great Barrier Reef, water quality and other pressures.

North Marine was delighted to donate the time and expertise of our commercial dive team.

North Marine divers were deployed to assist with the installation of a ‘coral tree nursery’, at Fitzroy Island Resort in Queensland.

The valuable work of the Reef Restoration Foundation aligns with our values for reef preservation, and in this instance, coral regeneration.

Citizens Of The Great Barrier Reef - The Great Reef Census

North Marine is proudly a founding partner and ongoing supporter of the Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef initiative.

The ‘Great Reef Census’ is a Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef project. It is delivered in partnership with The University of Queensland, the state Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

We are an active participant in the ‘Great Barrier Reef Census‘.

Our tugboat, the Gulf Explorer, is the first commercial vessel to partake in the study. Because we traverse large expanses of the Great Barrier Reef regularly, we have the unique opportunity to collect a wide variety of data.

So far, we have been collecting data from reefs as far and wide as Townsville up to the Ribbon Reefs and Lizard Island!

Vessels and crew volunteering their time and resources play a critical part in the Great Barrier Reef Census.

James Cook University - Coral Larval Restoration Project

North Marine’s commercial dive division installed coral larval collection structures, for James Cook University’s ‘Coral Larval Restoration Project’.

The installations were placed at Moore Reef in Queensland.

They aim to collect valuable data and samples to assist in the research of coral reproduction and larvae. The work is hoped to rapidly advance the potential for large scale reef recovery.

View the video of the project in action!


View Video of the Project

Our Action To Reduce Emissions & Promote Sustainable Reef Practices

  • We are proudly a founding partner of the ‘Citizens of The Great Barrier Reef’ initiative
  • We attained Advanced Eco and Climate Action Certified Business Certification in 2014, and work hard to continually sustain these ratings. These nationally recognised certification programmes recognise businesses who are taking active steps to reduce their carbon footprint and practice sustainable and responsible reef practices
  • We actively participate in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority sightings network program, ‘Eye on the Reef’
  • We are committed to sustainable practices. We measure and track our carbon footprint using the GBRMPA emissions calculator
  • We minimise waste, recycle and used recycled products where possible
  • Our marine vessels are serviced regularly to ensure optimum fuel efficiency
  • We promote and facilitate the expansion of private boat mooring infrastructure and environmentally friendly mooring systems within the Marine Parks

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